Agricultural resources as a vital need for man


Agricultural resources make up 80% of the world food supply and play a vital role in the movement of global economies, including trading and food security measures. Agricultural resources plays an important role in our everyday lives not just for the food that we eat everyday, but with every other industry that rely on agriculture products as or other industries as well like textiles, plastics, paper, wood and rubber, just to name a few. Agricultural resources play a major role in the development of economies as it forms part of the essential components of everyday things that we commonly use, where food security becomes an important aspect of non-agricultural dependent states and commodities being produced with the use of agricultural products as raw ingredients. The general uses of Agricultural resources are in fact enormous. But it treads a thin line between man gaining benefits from it or getting himself into a disadvantageous situation like damaging the environment or harming himself, just to name a few.

The human benefits of agricultural resources

Many products would not be made available for use to consumers without the help of Agricultural resources o develop them or provide raw ingredients for them. There are a lot of mend practices in Agricultural resources that vary in form to carry very specific functions depending on their uses. The food industry, one of the most in demand consumer goods all over the world is also one of the biggest patrons of edible agricultural ingredients used as food preservations agents or flavor enhancers. Food- grade agricultural derivatives make it safe for human consumption and like food enhancers, these are commonly extracted from plants and vegetables, these make s it stay fresh longer and for extended periods without damaging the product Beyond food, there is also the use of Agricultural resources in the production of fertilizers that help boost growth of crops and plants for enhanced growth and better yield

 Agricultural resources as a source of food

Billions of tons of agricultural food products are produced regularly to feed the world. Food is a non-negotiable commodity because there is no denying that food is important to man. Agricultural resources include all land-based food products from edible plants like vegetables and root crops, livestock and poultry, grains and a whole lot more. Agricultural resources are a very important food source for people around the world. Would you imagine that for some people in developing countries most of them spend 60% to 80% of their income daily just to buy food for them to survive? Americans, on the other hand, spend less than 10 percent. Sadly, the United States also wastes a lot of food- about 141 trillion calories every day, which is equal to four times the amount of food Africa needs to have every year. This is a cost that is equivalent to $165 billion every year. Food wastage is due to food leftovers, discarded food, spoiled food and unconsumed yet disposed food. More than 80% of the world food requirements are provided by Agricultural resources and it feeds billions of people everyday.

Global statistics on agricultural resources

There are agricultural products from food factories to help maintain a stable supply for food generation. Food factories and processing plants manufacture food to make it more edible and consumable for man daily needs. It what you find in your grocery shelves and inside your refrigerators and pantry.  In order to maintain food production, farmers need to run their farms whole year round to supply the demand for food. Varying seasons that affect food production make other countries import food products from food-producing nations.

Agricultural resources and industries

Agricultural resource products are also being used in the refinery of petroleum products and makes it fit for use in vehicles. In raw form, crude oil is mined from the earth in a black sludgy liquid. It goes through a refining process that separates it from becoming diesel and gasoline.  These refining agents often come from compounds extracted from plant-based products that remove the substances that create the black sludge in crude oil.

 Agricultural resources also play crucial roles in the medicine industry.

There are lots of life- saving Agricultural resources that are being used in conjunction with treatment formulas that include binding agents for tablets, capsule casings, even dry chemical formulas that contain ingredients with anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties. Some Agricultural resources are also used to create formulation for inoculation liquids used in vaccines and IV liquids to help directly transport medicine into the bloodstream.  Vitamin and supplements also make use of Agricultural resources, mixed with substances that are found in nature.  With agricultural resources playing its key role of producing food for the worlds and provide for some of the world economies, it will not be a surprise to see that this will continue to be the biggest resource provider in the world.